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Chasing Autumn

THIS year would be the year....the year when I would go on the Blue Ridge Parkway with the sole objective of getting great fall foliage pictures.  I mean, every photographer should have some great
fall photos, especially one who lives so close to these beautiful mountains.  I got some pictures last spring and I like them...but the trees were still naked and there wasn't much color except for the sky.

I suppose I've taken for granted where I live.  Oh, I have always thought it is beautiful, but I've never really paid a whole lot of attention to when the fall colors are at their best.  It does vary from year to year, of course, but it should be sort of around the same time....maybe.  I think the first time my boyfriend and I went up on the Parkway this year was in October, either just before or just after my birthday. That's around the time of the Fall Foliage Festival in Waynesboro, so I thought it should be peak time for the leaves.  It was a pretty drive, but almost …

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